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Two inspiring women - One sustainable business

Vor kurzem durften wir Donna und Alexa von Semiromantic interviewen. Die beiden sind auf uns zugekommen um uns ihre nachhaltige Unterwäsche Kollektion für unseren Shop vorzustellen. Natürlich haben wir uns die Marke genau angesehen und uns sofort verliebt.

Aus einer wunderbaren Freundschaft wurde ein Business das nicht nur von Frauen geführt wird sondern auch jede Frau mit ihrer Unterwäsche zum Strahlen bringt.


Hier stellen wir die beiden vor. Um das Interview so authentisch wie möglich zu halten haben wir uns entschieden es in der Originalsprache zu belassen:

Who are the founders of SemiRomantic?

Our names are Alexa and Donna. We founded Semi/Romantic together in 2020. We have been friends since studying fashion design together in Milan a decade ago. We each went on to work in karge fashion companies in Tel-Aviv, Amsterdam and Italy but always kept a dream of one day starting a business together. We saw from the inside that the fashion industry must make huge change in order to be more sustainable and more responsible to the communities around it and we decided to be part of the change and found a sustainable Lingerie brand.

You founded this business out of a 10 year friendship. What made you choose to work together? Why did you go for lingerie?

The basis of everything we do is our friendship. We are very different people each with her strengths and weaknesses but we share the same values and strongly believe that the future of fashion is in smaller, independent sustainable brands and in women being at the front. We trust each other completely and really enjoy working together and in hard times we pull each other up. We decided to go with Lingerie for two reasons. First of all it has always been a passion for both us. Secondly, we were looking for sustainable, high quality lingerie that was also feminine and beautiful but not over the top. We couldnt find what we were looking for so we decided to make it ourselves.

What has working for and with women taught you about yourself? What would you like to change for women in the future?

We learned so much! The most poweful and beautiful lesson was to see how much women support each other, how willing women are to share and collaborate and create room for everyone. Even when we meet female owners from competing brand the coversation is always open, sharing practices, tips and even information about suppliers and products. There is a lot of respect.

We hope that in the future the business world at large will adopt more of this open and collaborative way of working , even when competing. We really need that if we want to protect the environment and create a more responsible way of consuming.

What did you like about the concept of TREAT YOUR SOUL and why did you want to try the Yoni Egg practice yourself?

For us the appeal of TREAT YOUR SOUL started with the name. We loved the idea of a shop designed to nourish and celebrate women. The more we looked at the products the more we felt at home in it. When we started the conversation with you we really felt how the brand is a true reflection of yourself and how personal this is for your , which really resonated with us.

I (Donna) was really curious about the Yoni Eggs. I read a lot about how beneficial they can be but never tried. When I read on your website how ancient of a practice it is it made me even more curious. I love them! It really feels like something special that I do only for me, for my body but also my soul.

Sexuality and selflove is a part of being an empowered woman. What are your tips to embrace that?

This is so true! It starts within, its so important to know what makes you feel comfortable, safe and happy and accept it. There is no one right answer and exploring is so important. After that , surround yourself with people , partners but also friends, who love you for who you are , who give you the time and space to tell them and really listen to you. Everyone has their own rythem and way of talking about their desires and needs and it is so wonderful when people allow you to open up the way you feel is right. It brings so much intimacy.

P.S.: Bei Seminiromantic findet ihr auch ein Interview mit unserer Gründerin Laura! Schau doch mal vorbei:

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